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Welcome to our Canadian DOT Links Page

Hauling oversize and overweight loads is a challenging task to say the least. Keeping it all legal from one state to another even a bigger challenge. Hauling oversize to another country adds a dimension that most drivers never get an opportunity to do.

Blue Water Bridge

If you are a U.S. driver headed to Canada or a Canadian driver coming to the "states" you have enough to be concerned with involving the import/export process. Finding permit rules and regulations is an added bonus!

If you are a regular cross border trucker this is not a big issue, but for those that only cross the border occasionally it can be very stressful. The ability to quickly and easily plan ahead will go a long way in relieving at least some of the stress!

border crossing

We can't help you with the import/export process (maybe on another page down the road) but we can help you with the oversize regulations! On this page we have researched all of the links we can find for the providence's of Canada to get you to the most relevant areas needed to find what you need quickly and easily.

Canadian DOT Links

These links are here for your convenience and are not in anyway an attempt to define any regulations. We have no control over the information on them or your interpretation
of it.

Should you have any suggestions for links to more information you feel would be helpful to other drivers or should you find any broken links let us know here and we will check them out. Thanks for using us to find your information needs.